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user interface
Years spent being a professional user of 3D production tools and proprietary software has made me acutely aware of the importance of a simple targeted user interface and a rational workflow. 

I have had the opportunity to create interfaces for high-end technical users, and some that need to be immediately accessible to everyone, like hand controllers, widgets and phone apps. In the end, everyone wants a user interface to be a natural extension of themselves.

Here are some examples of user interfaces I have designed, for both prototypes and released products.
A desktop control widget for WowWee ChatterBotsanimated desktop characters, plugged into your computer, that comment on thousands of keywords as you type. This simple control widget allows for triggering commentary on demand (and shutting it up)!
midtwon madness

The user interface and workflow for Bunkspeed HyperDrivedesigned to simplify the complex task of photorealistic rendering of CAD data, especially for designers in the automotive and product design industries. Typically this work requires a separate and dedicated staff. With HyperDrive's simple workflow, the designers can create renderings on their own, at their workstation, in minutes.
color picker
This ease-of-use, speed, and superior results have made Bunkspeed products an essential part of the development pipeline for customers like Ford, Nissan, Honda, BMW, Gulfstream, and Pininfarina. UI layout for a proposed real-time paint color matching system in collaboration with Dupont and Bunkspeed. Dupont had a very intense and thorough set of specifications to accommodate.
hs2b rovio
Designed the PC interface for the upcoming release of Bunkspeed HyperShot. Real-time performance, simple drag & drop workflow, and intuitive customizable menus allows for photorealistic rendering on any machine, at any skill level, in minutes. This product has been a big hit with product designers that know a lot about design but little about the complex task of rendering. A UI layout for WowWee Rovio, a mobile webcam telepresence robot. Enables remote control of Rovio from any web enabled device. The UI features a view of what Rovio sees, navigation controls, camera positioning, taking snaps, and setting waypoints for the robot.
ip1 hypershot08
Early UI mock up for a widget only version of HyperShot. Explored the idea of how minimal a UI was possible while still being useful. Once the scene was set up, aside from moving the camera, the only button you needed was the 'shutter' button. A true virtual camera.
touch1 touch2
User interface design for an intuitive touch-screen kiosk-based car configurator, for use at dealerships.  Users can easily select vehicle, color, background, and accessories—and check the price. Using only icons, the image can be arranged and composed, and then a hard copy print out is created featuring a series of images and a complete price list and inventory availability.
pocketbots midtown madness
Layout for a sotware tool included in the proposed toy PocketsBots by WowWeea set of colored line following bots that play games using simple customizable logic. Users visually program instructions using drag & drop rules, and then scan the bot over the bar code at right. Several early layouts done at Angel Studios for the original interface to Microsoft's Midtown Madnessthe first ever 3D open city driving game in 1998.