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As Design Director for toy company WowWee, I found that my game experience applied directly, as many of the same principles of game play and human psychology are in effect in toys. 

Most important came the respect for the almighty Bill of Materials (BOM)—the factory cost of the item. Balancing the integrity of the toy's design with the realities of cost, and integrating the efforts of executives, designers, writers, engineers, marketing and sales across two continents was fundamental to the success of the product.

In addition to play spec and logic flows, my activities at WowWee included executive strategic product planning, directing the US design team, presenting product proposals, developing a branded online world, improving standards and practices, hosting creative "think tanks",  and frequent travel to Hong Kong.
Directed marketing animation introducing WowWee's Mr. Personalityan interactive robot with an animated face and a split personality.
mrP tribot orson
WowWee Mr. Personality—the world's first interactive split-personality robot with over 3 hours of humorous dialogue and numerous modes.  Designed initial concept, play spec, logic flows, event dialogue tables, facial animation tool user interface, through product factory testing and marketing. Designed play spec, logic flows, event dialogue tables for WowWee Tribot nominated for 2008 TOTY Toy of the Year Award.  This toy has sold almost 1 million units to date.  Worked with writers, engineers and the factory to tune the content to suit the market and the technology. What was to be WowWee's flagship product,  Orson was a real marvel, at over 1 meter tall.  I designed the play spec and flows as a virtual valet, able to use his online connectivity, camera, and IR sensors to alert you vocally to important appointments and alarms of your choosing, even when parked.
charbot moonki pocketbots
A desktop control widget for WowWee ChatterBotsanimated desktop characters, plugged into your computer, that comment on thousands of keywords as you type.  This simple control widget allows for triggering commentary on demand (and shutting it up)! Product concept for electronic plush dolls with emotive technology and touch response. Using RFID dolls could sense touch, light and each other, moving their eyes and expressing a wide vocabulary of short emotive sounds. Layout for a software tool included in the proposed toy WowWee PocketsBotsa set of colored line following bots that play games using simple customizable logic,  Users visually program instructions using drag & drop rules, and then scan the bot over the bar code at right to play the game.
crimbo loudmouths island of wowwee
While at WowWee I worked with author Matt Goss to design play spec, logic flow, and dialogue event tables for proposed toy item WowWee Bear Crimbo. Original concept, play spec, logic flows for proposed toy from WowWee called LoudMouths.  Crazy interactive electronic plush toys that really take a beating—and make a wacky wailing as you do it. Directed the development of a proposed branded online world called The Island of WowWee—thematically integrating the company's entire product line and creating an online recurring revenue opportunity.