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My professional career began at 3D computer graphics pioneer Digital Productions in 1985 as a 3D Encoder, then Animator and Technical Director. Then on to Angel Studios as Animation Director, then as Chief Creative Officer, overseeing teams of CG artists on numerous projects until 2002.  More recently I have been developing user interfaces for Bunkspeed's photorealistic 3D rendering products, and directing the creation of digital entertainment concepts for Warren Fahy's novel FRAGMENT.

From scores of projects over the years here are some examples.
bunkspeed hender snorkell
Bunkspeed's focus is on fast, simple and accurate photorealistic rendering.  The combination of unique technology and the simple interface I designed makes rendering these images a snap for anyone to do. Hender character from Warren Fahy's novel FRAGMENT, modeled and painted in zBrush, posed in Maya, then output as 7" full color maquette from a 3D printer. Original product design rendered in hyperShot.  
Savage Quest jungle cruise xgirl
Just before Angel Studios moved exclusively into interactive entertainment we developed Savage Quest, a PC-based arcade game allowing players to control an angry T-Rex in a rampage across a prehistoric world.  Worked closely with R&D team to bring to life the game's pioneering physically-based tech. Angel Studios Creative Director on Disney's Virtual Jungle Cruise river raft motion base attraction.  Rubber raft with working oars, a real-time interactive branching river scene projected from Silicon Graphics Reality Engines.  Client: Disney Imagineering. Interactive test application for Microsoft for the launch of the XBox.  Kind of an interactive girlfriend project, XGirl had natural engaging facial animations and reacted to various controller inputs.
frog nikita enertopia
Originally a motion-base ride film promotion, Angel Studios animated Peter Gabriel's music video Kiss that Frog.  The video won a 1994 MTV Music Award for Best Special Effects. Created model and animation test for a Femme Nikita game proposal. (Unrealized). Animator Director for 70mm stereoscopic film entitled Enertopia for Korean energy company KEPCO for EXPO 1994.  Production design by Ron Cobb.

American Cinematographer lawn3

Animation Director for Angel Studios computer graphics special effects for the 1992 film The LawnMower Man.  The 8 minutes of Virtual Reality focused effects helped the film reach a measure of sci-fi cult status for several pioneering 3D moments—the first "cyber sex" scene in a movie and the first time a human actor was completely replaced (during the climax of the film) by a CG avatar. 
power zoom viper spiderwire
Animator and Technical Director on Power Zoom commercial.  Awarded 1989 Emmy for Outstanding Achievement-Animation Animator and Technical Director on the Viper Car Alarm ads. Animator and Technical Director on Spiderwire fishing line commercial.
heatwave maze enterprise
Digital Productions Technical Director on exploding thermometer ad for a BBD&O client.  These are some of the last frames ever rendered on DP's CRAY-XMP super computer in 1986 before it was shut down. Digital Productions Technical Director for scary-maze-followed-by-exploding-volcano  commercial for Dianetics in 1985. Modeler, Animator, and Technical Director for Digital Productions digital screen test of Star Trek Enterprise for Paramount Pictures in 1986.
stp marvel tink
My first modeling job at Digital Productions in 1985 was for the award winning STP Oil commercial featuring an STP can transforming into an engine, followed by an engine fly through.  Big deal in those days! Technical Director on Marvel Productions logo animation.  Awarded 1987 Monitor Award for Best Computer Technical Director. My first ever 3D animation using Digital Productions CRAY-XMP supercomputer in 1985.  Features a motion test of Tinkerbell.